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Goin' to Phoenix; What to Visit
I'm sure my mom will have all kinds of suggestions on where we might go during my visit with her. I'll be going by myself while my husband keeps care of things here at home (I tried to talk him into tagging along, but he refused.). I'm leaving on May 6th by air and will be back on May 11th. I've never been out to that part of the country before, and Mom's talking about maybe doing a couple of all day bus tours.

Anyway, Mom lives in Sun City. My stay will allow me four full days to explore the area, and Mom is already acting like a kid waiting for Christmas. After my step-dad died about two years ago, she isn't going to be coming my way (IN) anymore. After all she's 85 years old, and I don't blame her. This might be the last time I'll be able to spend time with her outside of talking with her on the phone.

She already knows I'd like to visit Indian cliffs dwellings, and I have no idea what's in the area, but she says there's several to choose from. All-in-all, Mom will be my guide regardless where we go. (She's already said she'll navigate while I drive.), and I'm sure she'll show me a good time.

And yes, I intend to take my camera and a couple of flutes along. I'd go bonkers not having a flute with me for 6 whole days [Big Grin][Big Grin].

Oh my! What fun. I was out there years ago and loved every minute. One of my favorite day trips was east on 60 through Apache Junction towards Globe. There was a neat Indian ruin near or in Globe..can't remember exactly now but I'll try to drill down through the dust. You can make a loop by taking 188 north between Claypool and Globe. Look at a map and you'll see it. Take that to towards Roosevelt Lake and along the way is the Tonto Nat. Monument. You could go right up to the ruins (for a price of course) but worth it. I don't remember it being outrageous. Hang a left when you leave it and continue to Roosevelt Lake. You can see a part of it before you turn west/left on 88. THAT CANNOT BE MISSED. It's like driving into the Grand Canyon. Breathtaking... Awesome... Spectacular...Beautiful. It'll take you through Tortilla Flat... That route is called the Apache Trail. There used to be a nice place to trail ride into the Superstition Mts. Great scenery but where isn't out there?

If we're ever out there again, I'll do that loop again for sure. Loved every minute of it! Funny thing is that I flew out with my hubby who had a conference for work there and his company had rented the car for HIM. Neither of us gave it a thought when I took off for the day with the car every day we were there! No insurance on it... in his name, not mine...paid for by his company. I'd have been strung up and quartered if something had happened!

Do you remember Gigi Showalter? I think she lives out somewhere now.

If you don't do that loop, you'll regret it and I will have wasted all that typing.

Have fun and I'm really glad you get to visit with your mom.
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Sounds like a great memory building trip.
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