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Happy Birthday Old Man!
Yep, yesterday was Dove's birthday. He's a very young 28 years old and doing fine. You wouldn't know watching him that he has heaves and arthritis. We've had him for over 25 years now, and he's the oldest horse we've ever owned to date. Terra has been with us a long time too, though her birthday isn't until May when she'll be turning 19. Doesn't seem possible. It seems like we brought her home at 10 months just the other day.

Anywho, like I titled this post: Happy Birthday Old Man!

PS: I'd post pics, but all we have around here is mud, and the horses can't get out of it until things dry up or freeze. Sorry about that.

Happy Birthday, Dove!

Good job keeping him healthy, RH. I know he takes special care and it's not always been easy.

BTW, You're not off the hook with pictures! We want some .... and soon!
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Happy Birthday Dove.
Happy Birthday to Dove. Should be good for a few more years yet.[^]

The oldest horse we owned was a Standard-bred. We had Star for over 30 years and he lived to be 35. Princess Pony has the record. She lived to be 42 if I remember correctly.
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