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Question about purchasing racehorse
I am looking to purchase my first race standardbred horse between the prices of $6000-$7000.

My trainer has told me hell make a deal with me where he covers most of the bill (vet,feed...etc) with me only paying for stall rent and shoes ($520 a month) in return i give him 50% of the purse money for every race i win prize money for.

My understanding is that monthly expenses can run around $2500 a month.

My question is what is the better way to go, in your guys honest opinion?

Is it better to keep 100% of the prize money and pay the flat rate for expenses


have mostly all the bill paid for by trainer (except for stall rent and shoes) and give 50% of winnings to trainer.

This is mostly a pleasure horse forum but in another life, my ex and I raced standardbreds. If, I remember correctly, we split the purse but also received some for board. I can't remember the percentages.
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Hi and welcome!
Let me think about this question and post an answer this weekend. I had thoroughbreds and my ex trained so I have experience with having a horse trained on the cuff but it has been 30 years so I want to try and get my memories dredged back to the surface.
I'm already impressed I remember the term 'on the cuff' lol so this should be fun.

I think I I would go with a 60/40 split (you get the 60) if you are paying the full purchase price of the horse. Your horse may require very little vet care.


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