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Saddle buying frustration
Hi, I'm new here. Posted in classified, but I see this is a better place to ask. I Have a 4 1/2 year old I bought last September. Had done some roping but he's now my western dressage horse. I need a saddle. I have a Billy Cook barrel I already had. It's just not a great fit. I've been looking high and low for months and finally given up on even thinking about buying something I can't try on him first. Not much for sale locally that I like and only one tack store in the area that carries much, and mostly roping saddles or ones that I think are way over priced. I have found a few on horsesaddleshop and that looks like the way to go with trial and free shipping. But I'd like some of your thoughts. First, I come from a dressage background so I'm used to a fairly light saddle. My BC is about 25 lbs. I'm trying to stay around 30 lbs for my back's sake. But I also worry about my 15'2" horse carrying a big old saddle and my 150 lbs. My dressage horse was 17 hands! Am I worrying for no reason? I don't dislike synthetic saddles, but I will be showing him so that's not a great look. Also, he has a fairly short back coupled with the fact that he's a tad butt high. A trainer I know said my BC at 24" with a square skirt could be hitting him in the loins (although I don't actually see it doing that while standing there, maybe it is when I bend) and she thinks I should get a longer skirt which would fan up and over the loins. Problem there is, then it's really heavy. I am more a fan of the rounded skirt. Any thoughts or experiences either way? Also, does anyone love a Wade? Thanks !
Hi, Mary!

No worries about where you posted!

To post pics here, they must be already online at a photo sharing site like Photobucket. You can send pics of the saddle on your horse to to the attention of Josh.

As for the weight, I don't think that would be much of a problem. The basic rule of thumb is 20% of the horse's weight. My guess is that a 15.2 hand horse would be at least 1000 lbs so that would mean he could carry 200 lbs. IMO, a horse that is carrying someone who is balanced, can ride and is not asked to go all day or climb mountains could carry a bit more weight assuming the horse is healthy and sound.

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