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Worst Nightmare...
As horse owners, our worst nightmare is probably a barn fire and a friend just lost his barn and 5 horses to fire last night. Some may remember David Davis whom I took lessons from, rode in his drill team and where Beth Ann and I met. His 150 y/o barn burned early this morning and they were only able to get 3 head out. He lost his trick stallion, Crusader, a police horse that had just arrived for training yesterday, 2 client mares (one had been sold and was to picked up today) and a pony. Fortunately, there weren't more horses in the barn as usual.

He lost all of his winter square bales, grain, tack, office with records, awards, pictures, etc. His arena was saved and he has a another barn that is not ideal but can be used for a few horses. He said they had debated bringing in more horses because of the single digit temps but decided they were okay outside..thank heavens.

Word spread quickly and it wasn't long after I got there that people showed up with hay, halters, leads, other tack and supplies. I helped unload a trailer and truck of hay, and people dropped off grain, made promises for more hay and grain and there is a "gift card" fund set up at a couple of places so he can get what he needs. All of that happened within a couple of hours! He kept saying he didn't want to be greedy and maybe he shouldn't accept all of the help coming in. I told him that's what horse people do for other horse people when there is a need.

Here are a couple of pics. The first of the flames, I did not take. The 2nd one, I did.

[Image: 15873161_1387396564612605_65623357469822...zifgff.jpg]

[Image: 2017-01-07%2013.50.37_zpsmvqxstbl.jpg]

And Crusader as a yearling. He grew into a beautiful talented stallion.

[Image: cruz3.jpg]

[Image: cruz1.jpg]

If you can spare a prayer or two, I know he'd appreciate them.

That is so sad. Definitely will pray for him.

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How tragic.[Sad]
Glad to see the folks rallied round and are helping him through it.
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The good part of this tragedy is the out pouring of suport. A semi trailer was donated to store the hay that is being donated. A GoFundMe account has been set up and is growing. Horse peeps are the best! The link to a local news report is below.
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No one can imagine what something like that is like until you experience it yourself. And I hope for everyone's sake that you never will. It saddens me to no end to read about something like this when horses are lost. We were more fortunate that our horses just happened to be turned out when my Dad's barn burned to the ground in 1970. The whole barn was gone in about fifteen minutes.

PG; I remember you posting a pic of that beautiful stallion before. What a shame to hear he's gone. My heart goes out to all who lost horses in that fire.

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Omg! So sorry to hear this. How devastating for him.
My condolences to him and his clients for their horrific losses.


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