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Two horses are missing from Pancake Clarkson Rd, Rogers OH. My friend went out this morning and her two National Show Horses were missing from her barn. It's unclear whether they were stolen or simply got out and went walkabout. They are both pinto geldings. Please message me if you have any info. Thanks.

Nevermind, they are found!!
I hope they weren't hurt and are back where they belong! Did they figure out what happened?
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They were found at the back of the neighbor's property. I guess they just got out and went for a walk--in a blizzard, which made finding them a lot harder!!
Glad they are safe at home.
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Happy ending, great
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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Great news they just decided to go on tour by themselves.

This caught my attention as it seems horse thieving is on the upswing in Missouri. I used to do a lot of trail riding on the old Vodry property near Rogers, Ohio and know that you're really not that farm from Missouri when it comes to stolen horses.

Are any of the area auction barns still running, to where people might bring stolen horses up from south and run them thru?
Vodrey property is still there but they no longer hand out passes for horseback riding. I got one before they stopped. They do, however, still give out hiking passes and the ranger says if he sees you riding and you only have a hiking pass he will allow it. The younger generation of Vodrey's are ruining the place riding four wheelers, jeeps, dirt bikes, etc. It's been a long time since I've ridden a horse there. Generally I will be hiking if I'm there because there's nowhere to park a trailer. I could haul to my friend's place in PA just outside Fredericktown and access it from there but with Beaver Creek so close there's not much point. [Smile]

Sugarcreek is still up and running and there's one in Carrollton. I HATE Sugarcreek. I've only been there once and that was enough. I'm sure there are others but I avoid them. There is one in PA but the name escapes me at the moment. I see a lot of horses on facebook that are rescued from there. New Holland!

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