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I wish I could dance like this...more Cookies!
Well, it ain't about horses,but to make it horse related, I wish I was as flexible as these kids....I'd be a much better rider!!

DE is so quiet, thought I'd post a new video "Manolo" from Cookies, my kid's dance group, done for fun in their studio. Even if you don't like hip hop, cool beat and a little humor....
Man, the front guy (Keone) is crazy good in this!

Best on full screen.

My dtr is in the black David Beckham shirt.

Their first competition for the year coming up in a week in Irvine....I'll be there.. maybe bring earplugs?? it's a long show....

[Big Grin]
Wow! That was awesome!

I can only imagine the practice they have to do.
...and that video has almost 250K views in less than 2 months!

They're really talented! Thanks for sharing...hope their competition goes well. They should go on American's Got Talent!

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