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Frank A. Meanea Saddle
Anyone ever see a saddle like this one? It's an F.A. Meanea Saddle Co. from Cheyenne, WY.

Here's some information on the maker:

[Image: meanea%2Bsaddle.jpg]
Interesting! I like the open spot. Great place to keep a snack or camera. LOL!

That saddle looks immaculate. Is it a new saddle based on the Meanea design?
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Reminds me of a new twist on the old McClellan saddles of the past.

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Originally posted by Red Hawk

Reminds me of a new twist on the old McClellan saddles of the past.

That was also my first thought[8D]
I'm not certain when it was made. It doesn't show signs of much use though. Sad needs a new home!

We haven't seen too many like this one but just got it in on consignment.
Interesting family history.

This tidbit on the website would be some clue as to when that saddle was made.

"Family tried to re-open the F. A. Meanea Saddlery in the mid 1990s, but this was a short lived business that only survived a couple of years."

It doesn't look like it had much use and was also very well cared for.

I am second owner on an original Orthoflex (when R. L. Watson made their trees).

The saddle was made somewhere in the mid-90's, was heavily used by the original owner, and still is in nearly new condition.

The saddle is in a niche market, for sure. If it's lightweight, I would look to the Field Trial folks.

I'm not talking about the English-style "ride to the hounds" field trials.

Gaited horses are popular amongst the field trailers and not the fat ones. The svelte, athletic built horses are their preference.

For example, here's a link to Gaited field trial horses for sale; note they are all "dressed" western-style.

This saddle might be right up a western-style Field Trialer's alley, if you could advertise in the right venue. They surely have to have a magazine[Smile]

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