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So quiet lately, thought I'd post something entertaining.
OK, so it is a mom brag...
My dtrs dance group "Cookies"...just a fun studio day...
my dtr front and center (93 on the shirt) when the girls come in...little R&B (cleaned up version). Love that kid's smile !
Her team traveled to Australia and New Zealand this summer to give classes and do some expos...been a neat thing for her.
What a great opportunity for her! She's good too... REALLY good!

Thanks for sharing!
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Wow, those kids are amazing. What an opportunity to go to another country to teach.
Good for her - also good for Mom [Wink]
Hey Paintgal....did you notice the boxer at the end? His ear goes up..cracks me up!

These kids are so dedicated...endless rehearsals, I agree, don't know how they remember all the steps..

My sister and I just took basic country line dancing. Most of the people are was a hoot! Hard time to remember the steps even though they keep repeating...[:O]We are in 2nd session... down to about 6 of us.
WOW that is all I can say! Paintgal can testify to my lack of dancing skills, but will get up and try when they line dance! Nothing like a short, fluffy, slightly intoxicated old fart trying to line dance LOL
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