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Circle Y Park and Trail, show, ??
I'm looking for a comfortable trail saddle. I am riding 3-4 times a week. I have been thinking about an older Circle Y Park and Trail, or a show saddle. Is there any difference in the two other than extra bling? Are the trees, leather, seat, etc, the same? There are none around for me to try out. Being a retired female, I need a light weight saddle, padded seat, and not real wide seat. Not sure about the flex trees as there seems to be a variety of negative comments on them. Anyone have any comments?
Hi Kathy,

Good question. Typically the show saddles have a lower horn and larger skirts. They're a little bit more heavy. I would suggest sticking with a trail or pleasure saddle.

We have a good selection of Used Saddles on our website.

Please let us know if we can get anything for you!

Happy Trails!
Hi Kathy.

Welcome to the Forum.

In my experience, especially in older saddles the same tree is used in both and the difference is in the styling of the leather and the ornamentation.

If you can find a used pleasure saddle that fits you and your horse it shoud be fine.
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I'm having trouble finding a trail saddle with a wide tree. I found an Equitation saddle with a wide tree. I'm wondering if it will sit any different than a Park and Trail. Anyone know?
I don't know how old it is. Here is the serial number 28421508059502.

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