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Tree Frog Concert Accompanying a Lightning Storm
This occurred around June 23rd 2014:

Yes, it's dark and doesn't show anything... at first. But be patient. The lightning storm is building.

I actually was just after the tree frogs singing more strongly than I'd ever heard them and almost didn't record anything because nothing showed up in the viewer. And then lightning lit up the horizon followed by the thunder of the incoming storm. As it drew closer, I felt the urge to add my own personal touch by trying to emulate the thunder and lightning.

My fluting might not be all that good, but I thought the storm and the frogs chorusing at the top of their lungs was just plain awesome. So here's hoping you folks will enjoy the show:
Hey RH, that was really cool! Loved the lightening and background noise they and frogs provided. Don't see much of that where I live.

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