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FINALLY got to ride!
Saturday was a beautiful day and we finally got a chance to ride. Dani was perfect! Normally she is nervous when I first mount and doesn't want to stand still, especially the first couple of rides of the year. This time she stood patiently after I mounted while my friend was mounting Dylan and then decided she had to adjust her stirrups because someone else had used her saddle last year and not put the stirrups back. So we had a nice, quiet ride and I can't wait to go again. But it looks like rain for the next few days. When we have the time it rains, and when it's not raining there's always something to prevent us from riding. But my plan is to keep these horses exercised this year so they don't get so far. The problem is, the grass is so lush they're already fat!!

Dylan's mom, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last year, is doing great! She is in remission and has to take a maintenance dose of chemo every 3 wks. Her pulmonologist told her on her last visit that she is stage 3 and she may be one that they can cure!!!! Woo hoo!!
I'm glad you got to ride! It's been a couple of weeks since I've ridden and it looks like this week will be a wash out too. We have a lot of rain in the forecast. Be careful with the grass! It doesn't take much of that lush early summer grass to cause problems.

What GREAT news about Dylan's mom!
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I turn them out just before dark and get them in by 6:30 am. This morning they were waiting in the barn for me. Dylan wears a grazing muzzle every other night but I have decided he has to wear it two nights out of 3. I would love to have Dani wear one but she knows all the tricks to getting it off! [V]
I put a grazing muzzle every day
the grass is lush and high.
I don't want any lamaits
When i get ready to ride.[Smile]
I love it when people beat cancer!!! Yeah!

NIce to hear people are riding again! Hope it doesn't rain for you all this weekend.

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