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Beautiful horse herd
Came across this looking at a horse's video. It's short, I could have watched it forever!

The owner breeds fjords, Dales Ponys and Dales crosses in Wisconsin...the Dales look like mini Fresians. I think I am those shorter horses.

Mare and foal at the end...spectacular!

Anywhoo....gosh....beautiful scenery and horses! Put your youtube on full screen for this!

Interesting, the breeds tended to congregate with their own breed. Lots of pregnant mares too.....I'll take one of those Dales , thank you![Big Grin][Big Grin]
Wonder how big the Dales are? I agree, beautiful horses and beautivul scenery! Thanks for sharing!

I think for stallions, the Dales have to be under 15H, most are 14-14.2.
Just beautiful! You're right, those Dales look like mini Fresians! My brother has a much smaller herd of Haflingers and I never tire of watching them come running in or across the pasture.
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