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Fires again
The pics are two different fire locations, but not far from each other. The Santa Luz (Bernardo ) fire from the day before was southwest and contained yesterday morning before these 2 started up. No containment in San Marcos yet, but wind way down. Last night glowing red on the hill, eerie looking with a full moon . Smokey and ash all over this AM.

My younger (horsey) sister called me late yesterday. Several horses at the racetrack/fairgrounds in Del Mar coliced and one died. I am not sure if it was the stress , smoke or what. Over 900 horses [:O] there but still room...not sure where! That made me decide to stay home for now, too stressful for the horses. Had planned on maybe going North to a friends, but fires there too and freeways north shut down. Some horses evac'd to Sea World, guessing they are all tied to trailers, wouldn't work for mine, plus still 90s there.

Snapped this driving home yesterday my exit about a mile ahead, the LEGOLAND/Carlsbad fire.... oh snap (and other words to that effect):

[Image: 2014-05-14131047-1.jpg]

My dtr took this before I got home...I would have freaked if she sent me this at work (Carlsbad/LEGOLAND area again) looking northwest from top of my property:

[Image: IMAG5215.jpg]

Feeling better about everything today except one of the horses was coughing a lot last night...smoky air and ash. My older sister not feeling good and says hard to breathe....though she went jogging yesterday...duh![Tongue]

The schools are closed, my dtr's college shut down and evacuated as surrounded by fire, and graduation cancelled (poor families!) She had Jury Duty today and they won't excuse anyone...Courthouse isn't far from the fires! They will give her 2 weeks to show up though. Justice goes on I guess....

Will be 100+ today but start to cool a bit tomorrow. Some of these firefighters have been on duty 36 hrs. Getting reinforcements from Northern Cal today. Yeah!
Hope all of you are safe and the fires out by now.

I had replied to your picture posts but somehow I lost it[Sad]

The bottom line is that I wanted to throw up when I saw them.

I lived in what I called "Upper Romoland" for five years and worked in Temecula. My truck was never un-hooked from the trailer and always aimed at the back alley gate. I even had periodic fire drills with my three horses, telling them to "hurry hurry, get on up there" with a lot of treats involved when they complied - lol.

I hope you and your critters aren't inhaling smoke every day and can soon get back to a normal life[Smile]
Yes, I hope things are better now. This is a really scary situation, but you seem to be well prepared! Praying for the safety of all!


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