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Extended Service plan worth it for F-250?
Contacted by Ford re: getting an Extended Service plan....the premium plan going through 2019 or 100,000 miles (whichever is first) runs $1535 from a couple Ford dealers on line. They guy who quoted me for the same was $ was the Ford site. It is gas and a 2WD, has the blue tooth, etc. and currently with 26,000.

Any thoughts? This plan has $100 figure the cost around $300/year or $30/month plus deductible if anything goes wrong.
I think most consumer groups say they are not worth it. We've never gotten them for any of our vehicles.
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Service plans are a good deal, for the dealer.

Much better to just put the money in a bank account and let it earn interest and use it if you ever do need a repair that happens after the waranty period.
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Thanks guys, I am going to take your advice....

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