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Llama thread made me think of emus
After reading the Killer Llama thread it reminded me of the emu that used to run loose in the tri-state area 15 or 20 years ago. It was seen in OH, WV, and PA. I came home from a day running errands to a message on my answering machine. It was my neighbor across the road, asking me if I had an emu because there was one in my pasture and she was afraid the horses were going to run through the fence. I called her to see if I'd heard correctly. She said it jumped out of my pasture, ran across the road, and into her pasture. She said she thought her horses were going to run through the fence, but then her old mare cornered it and pulled out a few feathers, so it jumped back out and ran away, never to be seen in these parts again. I accused her of pulling my leg but she said her kids had the feathers to prove it. That emu had escaped from a petting zoo in PA and I guess it was just looking for company. I wish I'd seen the action--but then again I might have had a heart attack worrying about the safety of my horses.
I would be quite a shock to see something like that out in the pasture with the horses, that's for sure!

That would be a sight, a horse cornering an emu!

Before my barn went up, had my TB in an area of town where people had all kinds of interesting critters. Pigs, goats, cows, mules, bird farm, llamas, even emus. If downwind, she would often "footplant", then we would be ok going the other way.

3 things she went bezerk on: a bull who got loose, a mini horse pulling a tire (was never sure if it was the mini or the tire that see her off), and a guy riding a motor cycle with a monkey on his shoulder[Tongue]!

Lakeside was an interesting town.....

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