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First ride of the year ended by killer llamas
OOHHHHH I wish I had a camera with me yesterday.....

Great weather and decided was time to get the fjord back working....didn't do much last year due to work. Put him on a lunge line to get the epizodies out before hopping on..

Kid up the road walking her 2 llamas by my fence...I saw them first so was ready for him to flip out...which he did in Western Style! Great QH sliding stop, rollback (I thought we quit western for dressage[?]) and bolt to gate, couldn't hold him on the lunge rope.....all accomplished in about 3 seconds! [:O][Big Grin]

Made him go back and look (trees in the way). When he saw them again, he gave it about 1 second look and backed up faster than he goes forward!

Well, we worked on lunge commands (while he checked for more killer llamas[:o)]) and our big first ride of the year ended up being a 200ft. ride back to the barn. He even stopped at the front gate and wanted to go out, surprisingly...but wasn't trusting him.
Better 200ft in the saddle than falling on the ground I guess![Sad]
You rode a lot farther than I did today! LOL! I'm not sure what Joe would think of llamas but I'm pretty sure I would rather be at the end of a lunge line than in the saddle when he met them. [Wink]
Karen ~ Trails  
Joe Paint Gelding
Paoli, IN

"My treasures do not sparkle or glitter, they shine in the sun and neigh in the night."
[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

I have a horse who reacts to llamas just like yours does. I learned the hard way to keep him off the trail ride that goes thru the llama pasture. The nasty male has challenged several horses and unseated nearly as many people.

^^^he was so shook, after the run-in, I had to hand walk him a good mile back to the trailer. He planted his feet, like he was stuck in a foot of cement and flat out refused to move until I got off and walked with him. He's my biggest horse at 16,1H - lol

On the other hand, My senior guy wears a No Fear shirt, has gone nose-mto-nose with that ugly male llama and literally backed the old so-and-so up. The llama was so struck by the fact a horse actually challenged him that he forgot to spit[Tongue] This horse is only 14.3H but he is also the strong alpha dominant and there aren't too many things that phase him.

Now the Alpacas down the road are another matter; they seem to be a lot more timid than llamas - lol lol They are the cutest things, especially when they get sheared in the Spring. They look like little stick people - lollol

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