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Bladder Cancer
April 2013 I was diagnosed with bladder Cancer. Under went surgery in April. Had first round of Chemo in August and September 2013. Today had a follow up biopsy. The surgeon found 2 small tumors in the bladder while doing the biopsy. He removed them and said everything looked fairly well. I go tomorrow for them to remove the tube and Bag from my bladder and get the next round of chemo started. There will be a biopsy and chemo treatments every 3 months for 2 more years.
Oh gosh, Rick! I'm so sorry to hear of your problems. It's amazing what can be done now and it sounds like your docs are on top of things. With the 3 month schedule, if anything else dares try to get started, it'll get treated while it's still small.

Sending good thoughts and prayers.

Please keep us posted.
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Sending healing thoughts your way Rick.
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Thanks Guys the positive thoughts and comments are what keeps me strong.
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Rick prayers and thoughtrs are being sent through the universe for your quick recovery. Do you have peer support. My friend had the same cancer and is doing well now. She had a number to call for other people her age and problem and it really helped her. Keep us posted we are always here to talk to.
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Thoughts and prayers of healing, strength and perseverance...
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Boy Rick, I am sorry you have to go through this. Glad the tube is coming out...happy things looking good. Stay glad you are back on DE.

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