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Our power is out!!!
When I got up this morning it was -8. Not as bad as predicted but still really COLD. I fed the horses and barn cats and came back in and started an electric heater and built up the fire. It was starting to warm up a bit--we turn the thermostat down at night--when the power went out. Great--the coldest morning of the year and the power goes out. I reported it and it's supposed to be back on in a couple of hours. If not, we do have a generator. Good thing the computer runs on a battery. I HATE WINTER!!![Sad]
I have been lucky so far! My daughter did lose power for several hours last night, but just as she was getting the kids into the car to come stay with me, her power came back on. Hope your's has by now, too!

-6.3 here this morning and I think most of the night & the wind has died down though which makes a huge difference. The Louisville TV stations were reporting that the power company was asking their users to crank DOWN the heat at night to conserve power. They say they are reaching the limit of what they can produce.

We have an outdoor wood furnace boiler so all we need to do is throw in wood. We do have a house gen that kicks on which will power the furnace blower, the pump for the boiler and some of the inside circuits. Thank goodness we haven't had to use it this year but it's a comfort to know it's there.

Dani, I hope your power is back on soon and you & the rest of DE 2 & 4 leggers get through this winter without more issues!

Karen ~ Trails  
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Paoli, IN

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Our coldest day last week was -22C, -40C with the wind chill. -16C today with a bit of snow, VERY windy last night. Yesterday we had rain and now everything is ice. We have the fireplace and woodstove in the basement going. We also have a generator in case the power goes out. Come on spring, starting to hate winter too.
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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Power came back on at noon. Everyone here is fine. I hope all of you out there are doing okay and weathering the storm.

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