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It was 1 degree this morning here in southern Indiana and hasn't been above freezing for several days. I know it's even colder up in northern IN where RH lives but for us "southerners" that's COLD! We've had snow on the ground for a week now and more on the way and it looks like way below normal temps through Christmas with plenty of opportunity for more snow.

Joe & da Donks don't seem to mind though:

[Image: 1475801_10200319386945646_1129154303_n.jpg]

AND.. for the first time in 2 years, I don't have to worry about Joe wobbling around on ice balls that build up because of his shoes. Jeremy tried to leave him barefoot last year but Joe just couldn't go on the frozen ground so Jeremey had to put them back on. He pulled Joe's shoes yesterday and so far, Joe has been fine. I'm hoping by the time the snow melts or the ground freezes, his soles will be toughed up some and he'll be okay.

How is everyone else handling the winter so far?
It was 8 degrees yesterday (Thurs) morning here in E OH. That's the coldest it's been so far. What's really unusual is that we are getting some sunshine. I can live with the cold if the sun shines. Snow I'm not so happy about and we are in for another storm tonight and tomorrow. I'm ready for spring, but at leas the days start getting longer after next week!![8D]
We did get to -18C, OF, on Thursday Morning.

Diesel wouldn't start. Seems I live too close to work ( about 8 minutes) and there is not enough driving time to keep the battery charged. Charged and plugged it in so no problem on Friday.

No much snow here but pretty windy. The horses love the closed in arena.Smile Too cold to ride much.

New Geo Thermal working well, but Fern fires up the wood cookstove when she needs that direct woodstove heat. (Nice to come in from outside and warm your cold hands.

Snowing now with 4 to 6inches on the ground, soft fluffy stuff.
Maybe bake some cookies today.[^]
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We got 6 inches of the white stuff yesterday. A wet snow at the time and not much drifting. I had to go to town to do errands that couldn't wait and braved the snow-slick highway to town.

Steve (my husband) has been in the hospital since Thursday getting over a bad case of bronchitis. I knew he had a good chance of coming home yesterday and thought about stopping at the hospital before going home. But the snow was coming down hard and icing up the windshield. Usually the doctor makes his rounds late afternoon. So I thought I'd just get home before I couldn't see out the windshield.

Once home, I called Steve's room. Wouldn't ya know he was ready to go home. I was tired of fighting the weather, but dutifully made another drive to bring Steve home. We saw two wrecks due to slick roads along the way back.

But our woes weren't over yet. I went out to feed around 5:30pm and found Terra with a very mild case of colic. They'd been in all day due to the weather and no protection from the snow coming from the east. I gave her a shot of banimine (sp?), and walked her in the snow for about 15 minutes. She started nibbling hay the minute I returned her to her stall. A bedtime check showed she'd eaten most of it and had a bm.

Wind is tearing around the house right now and will be most of the day. The drive is drifted though the roads are clear. The drift I broke through to get to the barn drifted back in less than 30 minutes. I decided it isn't worth my while to dig out the drive and go to town for the weekly trip for groceries. By the time I got back, I'd have to leave the car on the road to dig the drive out again to get back in the drive. Not worth it when we have enough for meals today right here. The wind should be gone tomorrow, and I'll worry about groceries then.

So it looks like we're not going anywhere today and spending the day at home. We're supposed to have a low of 2 above tonight. Joy.
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I hope Terra is okay today! I've read quite a bit about giving Banamine shots and some bad reactions from the shots. I keep a tube of paste on hand and use it rather than a shot. The oral paste starts working in 15-20 minutes and is just as effective. I've also read that you can give the shot version orally by squirting a dose under the tongue but I've never thought to ask Dr. Bill.

We had a cold rain yesterday and today is gloomy but no precip. Looks like this week will be closer to normal than they thought a few days ago but our weather dudes & dudettes are getting all worked up over the storm they have scheduled for the coming weekend.
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Yes, Terra is totally back to normal and not happy about being kept in again today. Hopefully I can let her and Dove back out tomorrow.

"God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses"
--Robert Browning

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend.
-- Author Unknown
Boy you all, that sounds cold!!!

And here I have been blanketing cause it hit the mid to low 30's! The horses love their blankets and stand like soldiers for them...I think it adds extra padding to the ground ad they like that as much as the warmth.

70s during the day....but only for 4-5 hours, then drops to 50s and mid 40s at night here.

RH, sorry to hear about Tara and your hubby. Hope they are both on the mend. I can't imagine driving in heavy snow or icy rds.

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