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2014 Horses and Hope Calendar
This is way more that just a calendar. It is a work of art! I have the 2012 & the 2013 & I just ordered the 2014 as a Christmas gift to myself.

The photos are beautiful and the stories of these horses sometimes bring tears and sometimes smiles and sometimes both. The best part is that 100% of the profit goes to "One Horse At A Time".

If you don't have the first 2, there is a real deal where you can get them AND the 2014 too. Like I've said, these are works of art... photos that could be framed to decorate your home or trailer or just tacked up on the wall of your tack room. They are BEAUTIFUL.

Get yours now!!
I agree, they are great! I have the 2013, and will order the new one, too. It is great to know you are making a difference with the purchase of each calendar!


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