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This is the first of probably many silly questions, but I'm trying to buy a new halter for my horse, which should be a simple matter, but I'm honestly baffled by all the brands I see out there. I suspect this is going to be the case for ALL the shiny new things I want to buy. [Big Grin]

Is there a big difference between say, a Hamilton halter vrs. a Weaver halter?

I'm just looking for a basic halter to be used for turnout and easy groundwork, but I don't want to buy something and then find I've made a poor decision.

Any feedback at all is welcome! And thank you in advance!
I like the ones that have the snap on the side so you can pull it over their ears and all you need to do is snap it. I like the nylon ones and a breakaway is a must especially if you intend to leave it on when your horse is turned out but if at all possible, I'd take it off for turnout.

Here is a link to the halters on

Any of the 3 that have the side snap looks like they'd be good choices. I doubt that you'd need a lead with the chain.

There's one DO NOT EVER that you need to be aware of if you aren't already and that is DO NOT EVER leave a rope halter on when the horse is turned out.
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