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I am sidelined
Thank's for well wishes
i am still on med's that make you sick.
I go back in the hospital next month for another
look.I hope they can get me fixed.
Summer went bye so fast now winter to look forword
to.I think it will be a Cold one,snow next Fri.
We had snow for two days. Starting to melt now. Just a couple inches but I hate the stuff. It's only good for snow creme. [Big Grin]

Hope you get back in the saddle soon.
Truth should be everpresent.
We had snow too. About 8 inches Tuesday night. Took the boot off Wednesday. It was too much trouble to wrap it in plastic every time I went to the barn and I needed my cleats because it was a very wet snow. It should have come off Friday anyway but the doctor is closed til Monday. Now if only this snow would melt and it would dry up a bit I could ride!

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