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I am sidelined
I was having some foot pain last week off and on. Friday it got to the point where I knew I needed an x-ray. It seems I have a stress fracture in one of the long bones in my foot. I've forgotten all my medical terminology, but it's the bone to my second toe. So now I'm in a walking boot with instructions to be on my feet only when necessary. This morning I can tell I've been on my feet too much because it hurts again. I was doing pretty well with no pain at all right after I got the boot and I've been over doing it. I have a friend cleaning stalls but I still go out to feed, turn out, and bring in. So I guess no riding for me. By the time I get the boot off it will either be deer season or snow season. Bah!! [V]
Bummer! I hope your foot heals quickly! Hey, maybe we won't have much snow this winter (ok, wishful thinking!), and you can get in some rides when you feel better!

I had a stress fracture along time ago
and it was painfull,i had to wear a boot
for 6 month's. Good Luck.
Right now i have a bone spur on my
index finger wear a splint, but i still ride.
I was in the hospitl last week for 3 day's
for inflamtion in my thorat and stomach and my
small intines.I dont know what is the problem
the dr's dont know, pill's i am taking.the pill's
make you feel worse.anyway bye for now.[Sad][Sad][Sad]
EZ2SPOT: I've been hoping for that for months!!

farmgirl: I hope they figure out what's wrong. I hate being sick and not knowing why. I've dealt with that a couple of times. I have celiac disease and lupus. Both times it was an ordeal to get a diagnosis. Feel better soon!
OUCH!! I'm glad you know what is causing the pain and there is a treatment plan. I hope you heal up quickly. Deer season starts here this Saturday I think. Bunch of crazies will be out blasting at anything that moves.

Farmgirl> A friend's husband just about died from a chronic digestive system infection. The docs said the infection had been in his system for years and would flare up then his body would beat it back down into submission. It finally got the better of him though. He was on 3 different high powered antibiotics for 3 days in the hospital. He's been home a week and is feeling slightly better. You should really be careful and insist on finding out what the problem is.

Good luck to both of you!
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Stress fractures of the foot are no fun, as I've had one. I had to wear that cute little boot (NOT!) for six weeks, too! Not fun! Hoping the time passes quickly and it heals up nicely.

Farmgirl, sending healing thoughts and prayers your way! PG, hope your friend's husband feels better soon. Kind of scary the kind of infections are going around now!

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Ah get better soon, stay off of it as much as you can, its so hard when we need our feet!!
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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Sounds really painful. Glad you have something to help it. Rest as much as you can. Like the old saying goes, no hoof no horse. Not much different in folks.
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Thanks for the well wishes. Got it x-rayed again Friday. It's healing well, no pain, and I get the boot off in two more weeks. I'm allowed to walk on it now so maybe I can clean stalls some. Still can't ride though. [Sad]
Glad you are feeling better, you would think riding would be better than walking on it lol
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

The air of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears -- Arabian proverb


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