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Camping at Hickory Ridge
Finally!! October 20-22, I camped at Hickory Ridge, something I'd always wanted to do. I'd ridden there before, but never camped. Those of you who have made the trip, know that it is a long ride from MTR, not leaving much time to explore the Hickory Ridge trail system.

It was cool, but dry while we were there. I went with two couples and another lady who, like me, came by herself. RH, you will never guess who it was! Do you remember riding to HR from MTR two years ago, and there was no place for us to tie our horses and have lunch, because the campground was full? A very sweet lady named Penny let us tie up at her campsite, and also offered us chairs to sit on while we ate our lunches. Well, it turned out she was the 6th person on the camp-out! It was so great to see her again.

As usual, the HR trails were beautiful. Funny thing, friends are all fast people; they were always ready to ride in less than half the time it took me. However, they all had very slow horses! I'm an extremely slow person with a fast horse. So I did lead sometimes, and then just waited for everyone to catch up.

Probably my last camping trip for the year, but I hope to get in some more day rides before winter rolls around Mary Lynne and I rode the Strawtown trails on Saturday. Since it was cold and windy, we had the park to ourselves, LOL!

I love the HR trails. I cheated and trailered from MTR to be able to ride more there. Glad you had a good time and were able to meet up with an old new friend!
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I am so glad you had such a good time EZ and wish so much I could've been with you. It was also so nice you got to know our benefactor from that time we needed space to have lunch there that one time. I bet Penny was a blast to get to know on a more personal level.

Just like last year, I haven't had time to get out and ride since the ITRA Fall Ride in September this year. I wanted to get out yesterday, but I'm fighting another sinus infection. I'm back to work today with 10 hours shifts probably all week and working Saturday. There's talk of working Sunday too. No rest for the weary. Annnndddd there was a jousting tournament being held near Huntington this weekend, and I didn't even get to go.

I have no idea when I'll be able to ride the trails again. It might even be Spring before my next chance, and I can tell Terra is bored, bored, bored. It would be great to get her out at least one more time so she won't pull the entire water hose into her stall when she has nothing better to do at feeding time and waiting for me to turn her back outside. LOL
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