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Cody & the Beartooth Highway ***PIC HEAVY!**
We stayed at Buffalo Bill State Park which is just west of Cody, WY after we left Yellowstone. Cody has so much history and is the home of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center which is a fantastic museum. I posted a bunch of pics from it a few years ago when I drove my parents to CA so I won't make you look at more now. [Wink]

The campground we used had spectacular views:

[Image: IMG_0707_zps2e72f664.jpg]

We almost had to force ourselves to leave camp!

I'd seen a lot of references to Pelicans. Pelican this and Pelican that and had no idea there were really pelicans! These are White Pelicans which are huge birds. They hung out at the end of the lake where the Shoshone River flows into it which just happened to be right where we were.

[Image: P8160944_zpsec7ad645.jpg]

Antelope like that end of the lake too. This herd was grazing right next to it.

[Image: P8160920_zps91a29418.jpg]

This is one of my favorite pics and I didn't take it! It's from Gary's GoPro cam that he got while fishing in the Shoshone:

[Image: GOPR1568_Shoshone1_zps21ba33cc.jpg]

I'd heard about the Beartooth Highway on a camping forum and it is one of the roads featured in a scenic highway book I have and I totally understand why. In fact, if we had to choose one favorite part of the trip it might be the one! It starts just outside of Red Lodge, MT which is a cute town! I just had to stop and get a pic of this fence around a yard:

[Image: IMG_0723_zps687c0413.jpg]

Even the railing around an upstairs balcony was made of skis!

We drove the Beartooth east to west and started out in a forest system and climbed to almost 11,000 feet and into an alpine tundra system.

[Image: P8170956_zpsc9fdb133.jpg]

You don't climb that high without switchbacks. This next photo is of Rock Creek Vista Point Overlook which is at 9,190 ft. We went around the backside of the mountain and this pic was taken from the next switchback:

[Image: P8170977_zpsdb9c5d46.jpg]

We're still climbing! Notice the lack of trees and see those tall stakes along the sides of the road? Those are to mark the road in the snow. The road is already closed for the season.

[Image: P8170987_zpsbe48bfe3.jpg]

The summit was breathtaking but there was definitely a haze from fires in Yellowstone. There were lots of areas of snow left on August 17th and I doubt it melted before new snow fell.

[Image: P8171002_zps22fbd88f.jpg]

[Image: P8171012_zps157b09fb.jpg]

[Image: P8171022_zpsa16de30c.jpg]

We took the Chief Joseph Highway back towards Cody and enjoyed it too. Much of this road follows the trail that Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce took as he and other leaders tried to escape the US army. I'm sure they didn't have this bridge to get across the Clark Fork of the Yellowstone:

[Image: P8171061_zps94da01f3.jpg]

The walls of the canyon are straight up & down here. I'm sure Chief Joseph had to detour around this canyon.

The road began to climb again as we crossed the last mountain of the Absaroka Range. "Dead Indian Pass" overlook was at the summit (8,061ft). The story is that an injured warrior from the Nez Perce was left there when they crossed the mountain. It is thought that the Nez Perce were the first tribe to selectively breed horses for specific traits. They prized intelligence and speed and because of their success the horses evolved into fine animals. Below is one description:

" They appear to be of an excellent race, lofty, elegantly formed, active and durable; many of them appear like fine English coursers; some of them are pied (see *NOTE below) with large spots of white, irregularly scattered, and intermixed with a dark brown bey; the greater part, however, are of an uniform color, marked with stars and white feet, and resemble in fleetness and bottom, as well as in form and color, the best blooded horses of Virginia."

February 15, 1806
Meriwether Lewis

These magnificent horses were one of the reasons Chief Joseph and the other leaders made it as far as they did before the Army caught up with them. When the Nez Perce surrendered, their horses were confiscated and killed or sold at auction. As I understand it, none of the true Nez Perce horses exist today but there is a registry that is trying to recreate them using old line Apps and the Akhal-Teke.

There is a metal sculpture there to honor Chief Joseph and his flight to save not only his people but the horses. I couldn't help but think of RH & EZ:

[Image: P8171067_zps3b7af1e0.jpg]

This is looking north over the valley that Army chased the Nez Perce. The road is the Chief Joseph Highway.

[Image: P8171068_zps8cd5f02c.jpg]

One last pic from the Chief Joseph Highway:

[Image: P8171071_zps1c768742.jpg]

And of course I have to show another pic of my pups! This one is from a different angle. [Big Grin]

[Image: P8171009_zpse3789c05.jpg]
WOW Karen what an absolutely incredible group of pictures and narration. Can I come with you the next time you go playing?
There are horses carrying large percentages of the horses bred by the Nez Perce and the Palouse Indians. The Nez Perce was just one tribe of several of the Palouse, which is where the name "Appaloosa" came from. They were first called "a Palouse horse". This was slurred into " A Paloosie" (I might have the spelling wrong on that one [Wink]), and that became the term we're familiar with today, "Appaloosa".

One of several reasons we have horses today with the bloodlines started by the Nez Perce is because of Sam Fisher, a Nez Perce that opted not to flee with Joseph. He stayed behind and bred the spotted breed true to Nez Perce breeding practices, and the Patchy and Toby bloodlines trace directly back to Sam Fisher's breeding program.

The effort to recreate the Nez Perce horse will develop a breed that is not Appaloosa. This will be a totally different kind of horse loosely related to the spotted ones. A breed that will be called the Nez Perce horse if I understand it correctly and will be a breed unto itself.

Now that I'm done with the history lesson [Big Grin], great shots PG! And thank you for showing part of the route of the Nez Perce's flight for freedom.
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Beautiful pics! I drove that route from the opposite direction in '97. We started in Cody, took the Chief Joseph highway to the Beartooth highway from Cook City to Red Lodge. We did it in June and there was still lots of snow in the mountains and it was cold. I was amazed at the height of the poles marking the highway for the snow plows. (Had to ask what they were there for.) I'd love to do it again. I'm sure you had a wonderful trip, as the pictures show!
[Image: P8171067_zps3b7af1e0.jpg]

Those ponies look... very thin. [:o)]

Seriously though - GREAT shots!
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Am I the only one who thought the title of this photo expose, "Cody and the Bear Tooth Highway" was about Cody Pup and the highway? lol

Great pics PG. How did you guys ever manage to get home. I know you had to be tempted to stay in that part of the country for a while longer!

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The earth remembers,
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Originally posted by appygirl

Am I the only one who thought the title of this photo expose, "Cody and the Bear Tooth Highway" was about Cody Pup and the highway? lol

No! I read it once it was posted and wondered why I posted about Cody! Apparently, state abbreviations are important! [Tongue]
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Awesome photos! Thanks for posting them and I love the narrative too!
Originally posted by PaintGal

Originally posted by appygirl

Am I the only one who thought the title of this photo expose, "Cody and the Bear Tooth Highway" was about Cody Pup and the highway? lol

No! I read it once it was posted and wondered why I posted about Cody! Apparently, state abbreviations are important! [Tongue]

I thought there were going to be bunch of boxer pictures too!
Pleasantly surprised!
Beautiful pictures.

OMG thanks for sharing, absolutely gorgeous! love the little nubs too.
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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