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I Am SO Upset!
I mentioned in another thread that a very skinny "doodle" found me yesterday. We managed to fine him a home with his own 7 year old boy to love him. His new family gave him his first bath in who knows how long and a warm bed to sleep in and took him to their vet today.

It turns out he was chipped. Normally, I'd think this was a good thing and would reunite a loving family with a missing pet but this just makes me boil.... the owners said he was an OUTSIDE dog and he'd just been missing a day. Outside? A doodle? Whatever.

There is NO excuse for this sweet dog being so skinny, having yucky eyes and nasty ears. AND the fact that he'd been missing a day tells me and anyone with a brain that he does not get the proper care from the idiots that own him.

Unfortunately, the vet said he could not let this gal & her son take him but would have to hold him for the "owners". This just breaks my heart.

Look at this sweet guy:

[Image: 1378457_4935963175239_629101525_n.jpg]

His owners do not deserve him.
PG, did they pick up the dog? Was hoping maybe they didn't......
Cute pup....sad story.

I HATE seeing outside dogs that no one takes care of. They are pack animals for heavens sake and they need companionship. Why have a dog if you are not going to give it attention and proper care? One of my BIG pet peeves. I hope they don't come to get him.
I don't know if they picked him up or not. I was at Mom's for several hours on Saturday and he didn't show up. I think the gal that took him will check tomorrow with the vet.
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It is hard to know what to do sometimes. I think if I found a dog that was clearly not taken care of, I'd be tempted to just keep it and not have it checked for a microchip. On the other hand, dogs that are well-cared for sometimes DO get accidents, someone leaving a door open, etc, and surely the owners would probably be devastated and wanting the dog back.

I mean what is the definition of and "outside dog" My shepherd and rottie are outside dogs but when they bark at the door they come in. My boxer is an inside dog, barks to go out when he wants to. Makes me sick.
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