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Our new Rescue
I think my hubby is attached already
Just hope she can adjust to the other dogs/cats/horses/and guineas.
Originally posted by PaintGal

I will never ever understand how someone can treat animals like that. I would love to see those people in exactly the same condition that they put their animals in.

Y'know Karen, I often have that same thought. But I wouldn't have the heart to do the kinds of things people do to animals, even to those scumbags.

Take some solace in the fact that Karma is UNAVOIDABLE!
"There is something about the outside of a horse...that is good for the inside of a man." ~Winston Churchill~
I can't believe I had a similar experience today! I was at my mom's house working in the garage getting stuff ready for donations and in walks what I think is a labradoodle. He just strolled in and of course I had to meet him. SO SKINNY! OMG... he is just bones. Ears yucky, eyes were matted some. Coat was matted in places. BUT... he is such a sweety. He obviously had been in a house and knew "sit". I took a few pics and sent to a friend who already has 2 doodles and thought she would take him but since she also has 2 goldens, she decided she just could not afford another.

We'd checked the paper, Craigslist & another local site for lost dogs and he wasn't there. We were at a loss on what to do with him and as a last resort I was prepared to bring him to my house but a gal that works at the assisted living home where Mom lives now stopped by. She said her daughter was looking for a dog. I sent a pic to her and she took him!! I think it was meant to be. This lady was supposed to have come on Monday but forgot which is why she stopped today.
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Joe Paint Gelding
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

That picture....I just want to cry! Bless you and all you do for the critters.
I'd take her in a heart beat too.

My two are from the shelter....both strays and severely under weight when I got them.

I agree, I just don't understand people sometimes.
There is a special place in HELL for animal abusers!!
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Act 2:21 NLT

We have Craigs list here also, I just found this link that could help. Not sure where you are in NC, try googleing KIJIJI usa. How is he doing?
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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