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new Dakota saddle
[font=Comic Sans MS]Hi, Just ordered our 3rd saddle from HSS. We took both horses up to the saddle shop and had Dakota fitted. Josh worked hard and brought out many saddles including every one we asked about. He started to narrow them down and we ended up ordering a Dakota trail saddle. It came on time,sat for a couple days before taking it to the barn to try on her. I was very apprehensive because I was so afraid it wouldn't fit, well it looks like a great fit so far...whoosh...I only had time to ride a tad over a mile and it is so very comfortable! Thank you done good. So now Dakota has a Dakota on her back..who would have thought?!
This was for my hubbys horse, but I want it!!! Tomorrow I am going to see how it fits Dillon and see how it fits. I have a Crates now that is very very nice, but dang last time I tried to put it up on his back I didn;t make it..twice, poor boy, while with the Dakota I was able to throw it right up very easily! I need to talk sweetly to hubby if it fits...LOL
[/font=Comic Sans MS]

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