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Crap! Life stinks.
My friend whose horse I board was just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She's only 50 and has never smoked or been exposed to much second-hand smoke. This stinks. On my way to the hospital again.
I'm sorry! How devastating for her, her family, and her friends! I'm hearing of more and more people getting lung cancer who never smoked, and I think it is probably from something in the environment.

I'm very sorry. Cancer isn't very selective and so many good, kind people are fighting it.

Please keep us posted about your friend. ((HUGS))
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So sorry to hear this. It is very sad. Can't count how many prayer requests I hear at church for people with cancer.
Truth should be everpresent.
Thanks. She has a great attitude. She says this has been put before her and she will deal with it--told her daughter she wants her to go to work and school. She should come home today with a drainage tube in her lung and in a couple of weeks they should have all test results back and begin treatment. The doctor seems optimistic and says he will have her back on her horse before winter.

Another good friend has offered to take over her stall-cleaning duties. I will enlist her to help keep Dylan exercised so he will be ready when she is able to ride again.
She's lucky to have such good friends!

Life can throw you a curve ball,i know
i will pray for her.
Prayers and thoughts for sure,
Colleen who hopes to have a horse soon.

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