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Trail riding and round penning
I had a great ride on Dani last Saturday, the 7th. In spite of not being ridden for a month she was as close to perfect as it gets. Just a little nervous when I first mounted but she settled down right away.

We were planning to ride this Saturday but my friend I ride with went into the hospital Friday and is still there. So I decided to ride in the round pen. Before I got on I thought it would be a good idea to make sure Dani would stand without being tied to be saddled. That's not something I've ever done but she is a little tense when I saddle her. She doesn't object but once in awhile she will step away. So I took her to the rp and she was having NONE of the saddle pad. She got a bit hot and sweaty before she decided to stand for the pad. Once that was on she stood quietly for the saddle. We tried it again today and she was a bit worse than the last time. Definitely not better. So I guess we'll work on it until she's okay with it.
Maybe you should break it into smaller training sessions. I'd have a halter & lead on at least so I'd have some control.

I think it'd would help us if you could explain more about what she does when saddled and how you went about trying to saddle her without tying her.

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