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Red Letter Day
Yesterday was wonderful for Safari Seven and me. We finally got the win at the Kit Carpenter Memorial Versatility Ranch Horse competition - Yahoooo! Too wet to practice much before the show, but what little we did, was very good.

Despite not having seen a cow in over a month, Sev put up the run of the day to win the cutting, then won the pleasure class, took second in the reined cow horse and again in trail. After ten years of trying to win that thing, we finally got the buckle! Came home to a very wound up Parker da Puppy, who entertained us with tumbleweed:

Mighty hunter bags a tumbleweed:
[Image: 1017026_722980831052207_574275222_n.jpg]

Time to devour the prey:
[Image: 539102_722981041052186_1232643956_n.jpg]

Mmmmm! (Can you seen him?)
[Image: 1175473_722981271052163_385527160_n.jpg]

That animal cracks me up!
Super big congratulations to you and Seven. [Big Grin][Big Grin]

Parker is such a cutie, and he is growing so fast and is so big already.
WTG AD & SEVEN!! What a wonderful accomplishment.

Too bad there isn't a Herding Tumbleweed class for Parker!
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[Image: th_horse-galloping.gif]  

Congratulations!![Big Grin] Cute pup too!!

Edited to spell pup correctly. You'd think I could master a 3-letter word. [Tongue]
Congrats on your win!! Any photos of that and the buckle??

Your pups are adorable. Funny the things they can find to play with.
Big major huge congratulations, AD [Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin][Big Grin]!

Loved the shot of Parker and his "prey" [^][Smile][Wink].

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Way to go AD & Seven! Got any pics from the competition? Love to see an updated shot of Seven in action!
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Congratulations on your Win!!!
That is great!!![clap]
Wonderful news. You and Seven have worked hard and deserve the reward.
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Thank you all for your kind comments. I don't have any still pix, but there was video taken. Haven't seen it yet, but hopefully soon. We drew a really fractious cow in the working cow/reining class, and never got it properly fenced - but took second in the class, presumably on the strength of a good reining pattern. Go figure - that's Seven's weakest part, but we must be getting better at it. I was so happy with the near-perfect cutting performance it would have been a great day just for that! Seven is truly an amazing horse - so spoiled, but so disciplined at the same time.
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