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PG - Riding in your Neighborhood this Weekend!
Maria and I will be camping and riding in your neighborhood this weekend, PG. We'll be camping at Patoka Lake and riding Spring Trails and maybe whatever the name of the other trails are that are close to there (my memory fails me at the moment). Would you and Joe like to join us?

We'll arrive late on Friday and ride Saturday and part of the day on Sunday.

Any fellow DE'er in the area is welcome to come join the fun.

I'd LOVE to but we've got family obligations. It is supposed to be a beautiful weekend! The Spring Valley Trail is a nice day ride. Youngs Creek isn't far from there and is a longer trail system.

Have a fun weekend!
Karen ~ Trails  
Joe Paint Gelding
Paoli, IN

"My treasures do not sparkle or glitter, they shine in the sun and neigh in the night."
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