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A First... At Least for Me
It's been awhile since I've been able to get out on the reservoir trails of Salamonie, but I made it today. Terra wasn't thrilled about it and did everything possible to poke the entire time we were traveling away from the day riders area... more than normal. But I finally convinced her to pick up the pace. We arrived at the Iron Bridge which is the halfway mark between Salamonie River State Forest and Lost Bridge West(riding away from SSF) when I decided to go to a rest stop in between there and LBW.

We arrived not long after, and I tied Terra to a dead tree not far from the picnic table. This rest stop sits on a high bluff overlooking the reservoir and the marina on the reservoir's far side. I decided to check out the scene, striding passed the picnic table, when something large shook one of the trees growing at the edge of the bluff. A large bird took off with me expecting to see one of the numerous turkey buzzards in the area. What a shock when an American Bald Eagle cleared the trees and flew across the reservoir.

Talk about getting caught flat footed and speechless! My very first bald eagle siting at Salamonie. It lasted probably less than a minute, but I'll remember it for a long time to come. It was spectacular.
There is a nesting pair of bald eagles near my house. They are amazing to watch. I saw one flying down the middle of the creek with a fish while trail riding one day. They are amazing and beautiful.
They are magnificent! I've seen several while kayaking over the years and we've had a least 2 over the years use our farm & pond as a rest stop. I saw several on our trip west this year but I wasn't ready with the camera either. It's nice to know that their numbers are increasing and it's becoming more common to see them.
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They are exciting to see, aren't they? We have one that frequents Big Walnut Creek which borders our property and I am thrilled every time I see him/her at the creek. Several different animals have come back from the brink of extinction in Indiana to become fairly numerous and that is very satisfying.
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I hope to see one some day!
That was definitely a thrill. A ride you are sure to remember!

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The animals remember,
The earth remembers,
The stones remember,
If you know how to listen, they will tell you many things.
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RH, I wish you had your new video camer!!
Funny how it is... Karen (Killybean) probably thinks of them as large pigeons. But we were certainly thrilled a few years ago when we had a pair raised a brood on our property. Gorgeous, awe inspiring creatures!
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