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What kind of footing for outdoor round pen?
This has been a horrible year for trail riding for me. If it wasn't raining, with thunder and lightening, it had recently rained several inches and the trails were too muddy for riding. If the friend I ride with wasn't sick she was working all the time with no time for riding. Dani doesn't ride solo yet and there's really no place to ride at my farm. There are trails, but like I said, she won't go out alone. I don't have an arena so I haven't been riding much. I finally decided that I was going to put up a round pen so I could at least get on her and give her some exercise and work with her so I can get her to go out alone. It will be delivered tomorrow morning. So what do you all recommend for safe, inexpensive footing for an outdoor round pen? Is there such a thing as inexpensive footing?
Hi Dani
I don't know if where you live makes a difference in the type of footing you should lay. In southern cal (with not a lot of rain) I put down 4" compacted DG and 2" fine sand for my arena. It has a 3% slope so drains really well. Not sure if smaller round pen if that would be necessary (slope).

How exciting to have a round pen! I'd love one.
How big?
I live in NE Ohio so I'm sure the weather is a LOT different here.

The round pen is 50 ft. I'm excited. I've wanted one for a long time and found a guy on craigslist who guarantees the lowest prices and will deliver and set up for $50. How can you beat that?

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