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Need help putting a value on my vintage Circle Y
I have a vintage Circle Y Arabian show saddle. My parents bought this saddle for me when I was 16, back in 1985. I remember that it was sitting in an older woman's attic for many years. It has acorn tooling with oak leaf and sterling silver. It comes with a breast collar but only the middle piece of the back cinch is original. The only number we can find on it is "2394" which is stamped under the pommel. Any help would be appreciated! If I could figure out how to include pictures, I would!
Hi MT - if you're still looking for info on this, feel free to email Linda Fish at with some pictures.

If you're not able to figure out the digital photos, you can always mail them to us at:

Horse Saddle Shop
attn: Linda Fish
1205 W. Plymouth St.
Bremen, IN 46506

Just make sure you put your contact info.
We'll be glad to take a look!

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