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Hot weather !!!
What should i look for in buying Electrolytes for
my horses ?[confused2
I have used the Dumor brand available at TSC.

I had to delete 7 of the same post...some with exclamation marks in the subject and some without. Please make sure a post really hasn't uploaded before posting it again.
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Thanks i will look for that.
Also i didnt know what was going on when i
posted the question,my computer was doing some
weired thing's.
I haven't been able to get onto this forum for three days. I kept getting the message that this site address didn't exist[?]

If I remember correctly, you have a horse that has had lameness and/or overweight issues? I didn't want to press my luck doing a search and then maybe getting booted off.

You want to read the labels and do NOT buy anything that has sugar or dextrose in it.

I have a horse that had a mild anhidrosis attack a couple years back, in the pasture. He never has been much of a sweater, so I've always kept an eye on him.

I use "Apple Elite electrolyte" by Farnum. I'm pretty sure I bought it at one of the local feed stores.

It does have fake flavoring and artificial coloring but at least it is sugar-free. Yes they do make electrolytes with sugar (dextrose) in them.

I fed him one ounce daily for a few days, until he came in sweating too much, then I cut him back to half ounce in his AM feed pan before I turn him out. He is 16.1H and, for him, half ounce in the AM is working well.

Electrolytes are more than just tossing salt at a horse, so it can be a sticky wicket, whether or not to add them. I have never needed to add electrolytes. I've had this particular horse 16-1/2 years, have done a lot of hard trail riding with him and never had issues until 2011.

Hope this helps[Smile]
Thanks' i am goin to the feed store and going
to see if they have it, i would think they would.
thank's walkinthewalk .

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