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To Ride or Not to Ride.........
Getting excited now as the first camping trip of the season is one week away. Maria and I will be heading to Brown Co. (IN) on May 27 for a week of riding. We will be on site #44 and would really love to share the trails with any fellow DE folks. We have decided to extend our stay through Saturday, June 1, and leave on Sunday, after a morning ride. So, if anyone wants to come ride, please do!

Thunder has really settled in and is not as "social" when he sees new horses now, not to mention he is in terrific shape to handle a week's worth of riding.

The only BIG question is: Am I? I had to have a heart cath last week and I am VERY sore. While I am approved to ride (as of today), I really don't know how well I would be able to sit a saddle at this moment. Should I suck down some ibuprofen and ride to get used to the pain or should I wait a few more days and then try it? Will riding now help or hurt? Has anyone ever faced this dilemma?

I sure hope the recovery process from the cath doesn't limit my riding while we are on our adventure!
No, I've not faced anything like that, but my advice would be to not push yourself too hard! Try a short ride, and see how it goes. As for the camping trip, if you are in pain, you are not likely to have a good time. There again, you could keep the rides short. Or cancel and go later on when you are feeling better!

Take it easy, but have Fun!
Darlene, when I had that done I don't remember much pain. Are you just talking about groin pain? I would be careful with that, but I guess if they cleared you to ride it must be OK. Go for it.
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Yes, Harv, it is the groin pain that I am referring. I was very specific with the doc in telling him what kind of riding I do. He still said it would be okay to begin riding today. By the time the trip arrives, I will be 12 days out from it (or something like that).

EZ, I figure I will do the shorter rides if it hurts too much. I don't know that we will ride as long or as hard as we normally do because Maria's mare, Midnight, isn't in the best of shape. It may soon be time to retire Midnight from hard/long riding, with Maria turning more toward Cherokee (Midnight's daughter) as her #1 mount. Only thing with that will be the need for us to trailer separately, cause I really don't trust Cherokee to be good in the trailer with Thunder.

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