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Rodeo trail ride yesterday
So yesterday was Dani's second trail ride for the season. The first ride was the best first ride since I've had her. She was perfect. Yesterday was a different story. As we were headed down a long hill I noticed that someone, who should be drawn and quartered, had dumped a truckload of garbage INSIDE the state park. There was a mattress, TV, a bunch of other stuff, and several big black garbage bags. There are no words to describe how disgusting a person has to be to do something like that and I would love to be the one to dish out the punishment. But I digress.

Dani spotted the pile and was on high alert, head up, ears forward. I didn't worry too much about it becsuse she does not spook easily and when she does I just keep her pointed at the spooky object and leave her alone and she will usually make the decision to pass it on her own. Maybe this pile had a foul odor or maybe she picked up on my disgust, but she threw a temper tantrum and bucked, reared and spun. Good thing for me she doesn't do any of those things well. Also a good thing she added the rears and spins because I CANNOT sit a buck for long. I managed to pull her head to my knee and stopped the action but when I released her to try to move on the whole thing started again. The second time I pulled her head around I decided to get off the merry-go-round.

I led her over to the pile and let her look at it and then led her into the woods and remounted. The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. When I got home I made a nice junk pile outside the paddock with the scariest things I could find. She didn't care. I led her around and through it so she had to squeeze by and touch things and she didn't care. I opened an unbrella in her face and she reacted a bit but as I kept opening it she put her head down and relaxed. Silly horse. At least I kept my cool and averted disaster. Much thanks to my trainer who put such a good handle on my horse. Many curses to the idiot who dumped the junk.
That could have turned ugly! I'm glad you kept your cool and Dani responded to you.

I don't know why people have to dump their trash like that but it happens. It seems ignorant bottom sucking idiots live everywhere. If you've not reported the trash, you might want to. If people are dumb enough to dump a pile like that, they may be dumb enough to leave something that would identify them in it.
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Sounds like you had a yee-hah experience for sure. Good to hear you weren't ejected and Dani calmed down. One never knows what a horse may spook at or how. Always good to be alert and ready. I can't sit a buck worth a hoot either, so I'm right there with ya when deciding to get off!

I sure hope they can determine who left the trash and will fine them big time (and make them clean it up!)

Happy trails!

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If I'd had gloves I would've been going through that stuff to find a name or address but I wasn't going to do it barehanded. I am going to report it tomorrow when the park office is open. I sure wish they'd let me name the punishement. I'd have the jerk not only cleaning up his own mess but walking all 26 miles of trails and picking up any trash he found. The ranger could follow him on the gator to make sure he didn't skip out. [}Smile]
It sound's like you do a good job
on handleing the problem.
Some people are so dumb, don't
care about our earth.
I know I would not touch something left like that on any state or gov property. I'd be afraid someone might be hiding a meth lab in it. I'd leave it alone and report it to the nearest authority... probably the DNR. I've heard too many horror stories of hidden meth labs in forested lands that are booby traps with explosives and other nasties to go poking around something like that. So glad you didn't.
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