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Need help identifying this Circle Y
I have a Circle Y saddle with a serial number that I can't seem to figure out from their website. Can anyone help me with date of manufacturer and confirm its a wide/FQHB? I'm looking to sell it and need a value too. Thanks for everyone's help!

Serial number 21721601119405. There are no spaces, dashes or letters. It is stamped Roper All Around on the silver/red metal plate.
Here are pictures of my Circle Y Roper and serial number that I'm hoping to find out when it was made...
I am sure someone will have the answer to your question, prob Chuck will know.
It is a nice looking saddle!

This is my best guess.

2 172 16 01 1194 05

(2) – Mid level saddle
(172) - Style number - Roper
(16) – 16” seat
(01) – Walnut colour
(1194) made in November, 1994
(05) – fifth saddle in the series.

I would suspect that it does not have a wide tree as most saddles made in that time frame did not have wide trees.

A new Circle Y Roper from The Saddle Shop runs aboout $2,000.

I would guess your saddle that looks in good condition and well cared for would sell for between $500 and $1,000.

Hope this helps.
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