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new to horses and to forums
I'm so excited to be here! All the knowledge here is just what
I need!
I am new to forums so please forgive me if i do something wrong
Ok my story:
Me and my husband was going to wait on getting a horse till
I learned some things (my husband has little knowledge)
But we found Mink and fell in love and wasn't sure if he'd be around when we
Were ready so he's ours now and we have had him a week
The lady said he was "broke broke broke"
Hes in a smaller pen and comes when i approach
Im able to lead and he stays a respectable distance and stops when i do
I am able to pick up his feet and touch him all over
I rode him when we went to look at him and i didn't know what I was doing
But felt comfortable. he is neck reined
And that's about all i know
He is trained but i am not and Im worried i am going to teach him bad manners
So that's where y'all come in. You would think living out in the country it would be easy to find a trainer but i am still looking so i was so happy to find this forum of real people with real knowledge

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