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Blazer - little-known horse breed.
The Blazer Horse was developed to be a very versatile horse.
The are handy, hearty, agile, and tough.
They can preform any equine task set before it and is bred to move with grace, comfort, maneuverability and elegance.
Size limit is no horse under 13 hands and over 15 hands at maturity
Muscles need to be smoothly attached without bunching or cramping
Gentle and willing disposition for easier training
Refined and well balanced head with eyes are dark
Slight crest in the neck with good clear throat latch for balance and beauty
Extreme slope to the shoulder and pastern for smooth and easy movement
Nicely defined withers to hold the saddle
Short back, to carry weight this more ease of movement and comfort for the horse and rider
Well rounded croup for maneuverability
Long hip for more driving power when turning or stopping
Long underline for a long free stride
Hard feet that do not pan out are desired.

We do not register horses with white skin above the knees accept possible face markings, no glass eyed horses.
We accept solid colored horses as long as the skin is not white. We disqualify what we consider excessive white on the face.

The Blazer Horse is bred with the conformation critical to easy movement allowing for a fast easy moving walk. Some blood lines display a natural running walk.
They are noted for an easy rocking chair lope that covers ground easily. Blazers are bred for easy control with maneuverability, power, and speed.
Preforming well in 4-H, barrels, cow penning, endurance, jumping, pole bending, pulling, reining, roping, steer wrestling, showing, etc.
They are exceptional in all aspects of ranch work, for packing and hunting,, excelling in mountain terrain, they have proven themselves to be proficient in many activities requiring speed and flexibility.
Owners report in many hours of enjoyable pleasure.

Neil Hinck has owned, trained, and breed thousands of horses over the past fifty years. He found only a few had the willingness and ability to excel.
Through Neil's exhaustive efforts to identify, define, and select the most desired characteristics, he has become a noted scholar and teacher in the horse world.
The BHA, INC. Was incorporated by Neil and Norma Hinck in Star, Idaho in 1967.After thirty years of searching and planing, LITTLE BLAZE, the foundation sire of the BHA, Inc., fulfilled all the characteristics and become a reality.
Blaze's name will continue to grace the future horse world.

To quote Neil, "This is absolutely the best horse I have ever been on."

If you wanted more information than what I wrote down from the little brochure, then this is the official website.

I have two Blazer horses - if you want to see what Mine look like.
Brisco cannot be registered as a blazer because he has excessive white, blue eyes, and he is over 15 hands.
These are my horses.

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