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My new farrier...
My new farrier is giving a talk at the Columbus Equine Affaire on Sunday morning in the Youth Pavilion. He did a great job with my horses.
I also found out what happened to the old one. Seems he threw out his back really bad and had not been in contact with any of his clients. His wife told a mutual friend that he plans to go back to work....someday. I would think he'd want to let his clients know what was going on if he plans on going back to work. Oh well. I sure hope he recovers.
I'm glad you like your new farrier. I agree that the old one should have let his clients know what happened and should have been able to suggest someone else for you you to contact. I'd be really hesitant to give up the new guy if you like him to go back to the old one if he decides to work again.
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I hate it when farriers do that. I had one that quit doing farrier work totally and left all her clients hanging. I tried to contact her for over a month, and she never returned my calls. I finally ran into another client of hers who told me she was out of business. Evidently she got married and her new husband talked her into quitting, and she never told any of her clients.
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I am also glad you're happy with your new farrier.

Here's to a long and quality relationship[Smile]

I have not been able to do my own trimming for the last year. I've been thru two barefoot trimmers and one shoer/trimmer. Somewhere on this forum is the founder/torn ligament story.

A pair of brothers have been trimming for me since last Fall. Johnny-On-The-Spot, called to confirm, called if they were running late.

Until Friday[B)] No replies to my text on Thursday, no replies to my voice mail Friday AM.

These Kids are good; more importantly they listen and do what's supposed to be done. Trying to find someone around here that will trim Joker the way he NEEDS trimmed instead of trying to put their own spin on his hoof rehab is 'bout near impossible.

In the midst of my internet search and e-mail inquiries, one of the brothers called me --- apologizing profusely.

I replied I was ok with the construction job going on two days longer than he expected but he owed me a phone call so a) I didn't worry something happened B)I didn't wonder if they'd dropped me like that proverbial hot potato.

More apologies and I said good but I'm old enough to be your grandma and you're getting the hair on your neck twisted pretty hard when you get here.

They are hoping to be here in the morning (Sunday) but that's not for sure if the job doesn't finish tonight because they are three hours from home.

If not, I will have to settle for a week from today (Saturday). My horses get done every four weeks, plus I did some rasping on the foundered horse's heels, so five weeks won't be too bad. Nobody's hooves stop growing in the winter and to wait six weeks is too much for my metabolic guys.

Anyway, add this crybaby farrier story to the list of no-shows as it isn't over until they pull in my drive - lol lol

At which time I will ask if this is going to be an issue, with summer coming. If it is, I am back on the hunt for someone that shoes & trims full time and more importantly will do what my horse needs instead of trying to lay their Better Idea upon my horse's hooves[Tongue]

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