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What happened to my farrier?
I know you don't know--but I don't know either! My farrier rescheduled my Nov 15th appointment because of a shoulder injury. The doctor told him he needed to take a month to heal. So he rescheduled for Dec 20th. He never showed up and never called. I left a message and so far he hasn't returned my call. He's worked for me for ten years and nothing like this has ever happened! A mutual friend left a message for his wife on facebook and didn't get an answer. He is from England so I'm hoping they just made an unexpected trip, but I'm worried about them.

Meanwhile my horses need trimmed!
I've been researching farriers and have located someone I can call but I'm not optimistic. I'm sure the guy I want will be way too busy. But maybe he can recommend someone. Sigh....I hate trying to find a new farrier. [Sad] It ranks right down there with trying to find a saddle that fits.
I hope he's okay but it sucks having to find a new farrier. They are finicky creatures for sure. I had one that I used for several years. He did a good job, lived close by, I was always ready for him, always paid him, then POOF. He didn't return my calls and I never did find out why.

Good luck with your search!
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Boy, I hear you about farrier woes!! for their defense, hard job and I imagine back woes does a lot of them in.

I had a couple few bad years with farriers....5 in 3 years!!
First one was good but got nailed from the IRS and skipped town.[:O]

His helpers carried on the business, but more than once they skipped me (with THREE horses) and did everyone else on the street and I had taken the day off call.[xx(]

Fed up with that after the 3rd time, and found a good guy through my artist and loved him but he got cancer, had to do chemo, etc. Left him a message several months later telling him he had a job waiting and he never called. I hope he is ok. [Sad]

Meanwhile, got a gal through internet who did barefoot trim, young and single mom who often never made it here on scheduled day due to childcare or whatever reason. Felt bad for her so put up with it, then she broke her collarbone barrellracing! Put her out of commission.[B)]

Found a guy when Jake was in training who was willing to come my way, have had him about 3 yrs. Nice guy, does good trim, but not sure of extensive hoof knowledge (my TB has frog thrush been battling years) English fair but not sure he keeps up with learning due to language barrier. Was thinking of looking for a certified journeyman farrier, at least for the TB. Feel bad for the current guy, super nice, last year had appendicitis, then a broken foot from a horse kick/stomp and no insurance with 2 small kids but he still kept working.. Always right on time and calls ahead and that counts for something in my book.

Anyone ever used someone that was certified? Did you see a difference in their feet??

Add me to woeful side of this conversation. What makes it really woeful for me is that, after I stopped riding and didn't need shoes on anyone, I had a Pete Ramey schooled trimmer who was really good but then got all up in himself over some personal issues, suddenly got impatient with my 20+ fella with arthritis, and on and on, so I left him go and took everyone's hooves back myself.

That was going well until my back didn't want to co-operate anymore and I started dropping tools at the most inopportune times, thanks to the arthritis in my hands[B)][B)]

I could write a book on all the things that happened next but:

One horse foundered really bad, I'm an MD, not an orthopaedic surgeon, so I hired and just as quickly fired a highly recommended and well credentialed Pete Ramey trimmer.

Originally posted by fracturedbones

Anyone ever used someone that was certified? Did you see a difference in their feet??

^^^^^^thennnn along comes the guy that is AFA Journeyman Certified, schooled under Ric Redden, given the nod by my vet and boy does he know his stuff. Until the third trim when he filed my foundered horses hooves down to the live sole and took so much heel off at one time, the end result was torn ligaments.

It was literally 61 days before there was any toe to even lightly file[Sad!]

That was in July and I'm still nursing that horse back to health. I now have two brothers trimming everyone, and I am rasping the heels of the foundered horse twice a week in an effort to get his tendons to slowly return to normal.

What the Brothers lack in schooling they have in gut instinct and common sense. They worked very well with the vet when it came to trimming the foundered horse.

My take on AFA farriers is, as long as the horse doesn't have extenuating issues (which my foundered horse does but who am I that anyone should listen to me before they start chopping away), they should be worth the money they charge. Albeit, if the one I'd like to neuter with my bare hands is any example, they are a bit on the arrogant side because they have so much schooling.

I wish the very best of luck to the OP in finding a new farrier or trimmer. If you're ok with barefoot and physically able, you might be just as well off to learn to do it yourself until you can find someone that suits you.

My granddad taught me to trim when I was 12 and it saved me many times thru my life when money was short. It is still saving me because I am retired and no way could I afford to have someone come twice a week just to rasp the heels down on the foundered horse[8]
Walk, I remember that story from another thread...thanks for the info. May be better off with who I have, and I like him alot, just not sure if he has advanced skills...but you gave me an idea. Horses due for semi annual vacs and will have the vet check it, maybe I can work it out so the vet and farrier here together.

Dani, I hope you find someone maybe through yur local feed store?? I always find the people who work there full of good info...they seem to know the lowdown on most things horses in the area.
I found a guy who said he'd come and do our horses. He's a barefoot trimmer and has a web site with pics of his work and philosophy on trimming. I'm just waiting for him to call and schedule and appointment. If I don't hear from him in a couple of days I'm calling him again. I would learn to do it myself but my back won't take the strain. If it was only my horse I might do it but I have two boarders and I'd have to do them too. NOT!
I love my current farrier and he loves my horses. He started when I still had arabians but is loving my switch to drafts. He is great and patient and does good on the platter feet and also on the upright feet of my walker. I went through lots to find him and had to beg to get him here the first time. He wasn't taking new clients. He was with another farrier when I saw their trucks. The younger one wouldn't even consider coming out for less than 5 or young horses.
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I have an appointment with the new guy Saturday. I'm feeling good about it. Still no word from the former trimmer. I'll let you all know how it goes.
We were very fortunate to have a good farrier that made appointments and was there very time. As time passed and the number of horses we needed to get shoed dropped, I picked up the trimming with some very nice help and instruction from our farrier.

All of horses are now barefoot and I do all the trimming. Ferm makes sure I do them on a pretty regular schedule.
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