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Hi Everyone
I am a new member and wonder if any of you good people can advise on a gift for my precious ex racehorse for our tenth anniversary on jan 12th. My budget is around fifty pound. He is due for a new snaka ball and of course the obligatory treats. I dont feed apples often as he is prone to gassy colic but i think he can have one for this special occasion. Any ideas welcome. He is a little superstar. He was two and a half (technically three) when i bought him, he was sacked from his racing job but has won a lot of dressage and showing competitions and is a very exciting hack| He is 15.2hh bay gelding.
Hi vegasgirl,

I think £50 is about $80US. How about some new grooming tools, or an Equine Massage. I think a massage can be gotten for about that amount and I bet he would enjoy it, just as we do!
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Ah thankyou, you're a genius. Being our tenth anniversary I have acquired mounds of rugs, boots, bandages and so on. He got an equine activity centre for Christmas and owns more clothes than I do. grooming kit is never wasted on him as he loves a wallow in the mud.
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