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Yearling training!
Since I resently got my paint filly delivered in Oct. I've come to notice that we both seem to be bonding very... well!! So much so, that I decided to test her out a bit with a bareback pad/saddle. First only placing it on her back to test her reaction to it. She sniffed it a bit but she had no worries. Then walked her with it on. That went good too. I then decided to finally tie up the girth "snug fit"

Walked her around & she had no... problems at all! When I talked with her breeder she had said that she really hadn't done all that much with her. I understand that since she's only in the business to "breed & sell" My yearling is about 1yr 5 months old. Is this a bit young or uncommon for a yearling to adapt this way? Or is it because she as lots of love & trust in me? [^]

I do realise that getting her to accept a riders weight is a whole other story!!!! [Wink] I am doing the training myself & it will take tons of patience & time. But the way she's been acting. Maybe it won't be all that bad. (knock on wood!!) Any thought's on this?
She sounds like a good sane filly! There is a lot she must learn before she needs to accept a saddle so work on teaching her to give to pressure and basic ground manners. She can learn a lot from being lunged correctly. There is a great article on lunging pinned somewhere that you might want to read.

She's way too young to have weight put on her so don't be a big hurry to ride her! Her bones & muscles are still developing. We'd love to see pics of her! HINT HINT. Wink
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She sounds a lot like the first horse I trained to ride. He accepted everything too like it was no big deal. This Included stepping aboard him for the first time... which I didn't do until he was 2 years old according to his actual birth date and not by the January first rule that most horse registries follow.

In some respects, I should've waited until he was nearer to 3 years old before riding him. But I'm a small person, and I don't think I did him any real harm. The thing is; when you have a horse that's this laid back with training it's hard not to rush things. Take your time and don't get in a hurry. And definitely don't try to ride her or even sit on her until she's at least truly 2 years old. Three years old if you're a large person.

The other thing is not to get a false sense of security that your horse won't hurt you. There's no telling how she will respond to anything that she's had no prior experience with. About the time you think you can do anything with her, that's the time you could get hurt... sometimes seriously hurt. Trust me on this. I've been there with the broken bones to prove it.

So take it slow and easy, don't rush anything, and don't take anything for granted. Expect the worst every time you try anything new with her, and take every precaution you can to keep you safe.

I hope I'm not preaching to the choir with this post since I don't know anything about your horse experience background. My main concern is for the safety of you, and your horse... and in that order.
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