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Yearling trouble!
Hi guys! I'm new to this forum & thought i'd ask for advice here first before trying other options. I resently purchased a yearling paint filly which only came the other day. We don't really know eachother yet & already she's obsessed with me! If i'm not her in view,even for a second. She freaks out & stresses over it. She has to be able to see me or there's gonna be trouble! She's already broken through her pasture fence 2x to get to me. So now... I'm having a guy put up an electric fence tomorrow to zap her silly. [Tongue] She is my 1st yearling & to be very honest. I currently do not have any other horses. So maybe this is why she acts crazy being i'm her only companion. I will say that she likes to be in her stall. But any horse cannot stay in a stall for long periods of time
without excersize!

I will say that i consider myself to be "Equine Educated" since i'm also a farrier as well & she's excellent to work around no matter what i'm doing with her. Just as long as i'm in her sight!!! PLEASE HELP... with any advice. Thanx!![Wink]

You will probably have to get her a pasture companion.

Either another horse or pony (not too small as you don't know who the alpha-dominant would end up being and you don't want anyone to get beat up).

I have heard goats work as horse companions but I don't have any personal experience.

Good luck figuring this out --- you could have far worse issues[Smile]

And P.S. Great that you're a farrier but, don't be the "mechanic" that keeps everyone else's cars running but yours hasn't run in a month - lol lol lol I know farriers like that - lol lol
Llamas make great companions! Herd animals like to be with another being, get her a friend or she will be a very unhappy camper.
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Welcome to DE! I 2nd what the others have said. She's a baby and probably has never been alone before.

Good luck!
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Goats DO make good horse companions. They come with their own problems though... escape artists extraordinaire, consumers of pretty much everything, curious to a fault. But I know people who have successfully kept them as companion animals for horses.

One thing for sure - a horse cannot grow to full "normal" potential without companionship.
"There is something about the outside of a horse...that is good for the inside of a man." ~Winston Churchill~

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