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Solo Ride at Strawtown
No camping for me this weekend, but I did get in a solo ride on Warsong at Strawtown! She did very well, although, I don't refer to her as "my little drama queen" for nothing! She was fine with the joggers, dogs, bikes, bridges, and screaming kids, but startled every time the wind blew through the prairie grasses and weeds. The weeds and wildflowers were in bloom (I think brought on by the rain and warm weather we've been having), and with the leaves on the trees starting to change, it was a very colorful ride!

Glad you had such a nice ride, EZ. I thought about inviting you to ride with me yesterday, and then decided not to go. I've had several busy, packed, weekends in a row and felt the need for at least one quiet day at home. Hopefully you and I might squeeze in another day ride at Salamonie before the snow flies [Smile]. Maybe two, if we're lucky [Tongue]. LOL

"God forbid that I should go to any heaven in which there are no horses"
--Robert Browning

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-- Author Unknown
I'm SO glad I went, especially since I just saw the weather forecast, and it looks like it is going to be chilly and wet all next weekend! RH, I sure hope we do get at least a few more decent weekends before it gets too cold to ride.

If the weather would behave I am ready to ride myself! Planned on riding monday but it rained all day! Glad you had a nice ride!
BethAnn Stewart

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Thanks, Beth! Hope it clears up so you can get out, too! There are not many places where I'd be willing to ride alone, but Strawtown is small, and there are usually quite a few people around, so I feel fairly safe there.


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