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School Horses
Hey Everyone,
So I wanted to see what you guys think and if anyone has ideas to help and try.
My school has many horses. They all have their own story of how they came to be a potomac state college. But the problem is....none of them are easy rides and many need base work and retraining. But everytime we do this within a matter of days its like everything we did was for nothing. The horses are constantly having novice and green riders riding them....and lately we have had many more accidents and problems because of all of the horses attitudes....we have one that spooks so easily that hes becoming a danger to ride and yet he is one of the horses that listens best and doesnt fight you when you ask them to do something.
I believe we need to establish connections with the horses but dont really get the chance...and yes I do believe riders with no experience should be able to ride.
Do you have any excercises that we may be able to do to form connections and bonds with the horses?
There is no easy answer for this one.

I would suggest that the school needs a competent trainer and a few experienced riders to keep the horses in form.

New riders should have a coach present and receive enough basic instruction to allow effective control of the horse before being allowed to ride by themselves.

What you describe "riders with no experience" is just not possible unless the horse is being led by an experienced horse person. Someone is going to get hurt badly.
Hook(ed)......on Horses

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I would suggest assigning the horses to "tiers". Don't know if that's really feasible at PSC, but it sort of works at the barn where I train. There are a couple of "lesson horses" for beginners, a few that are designated for intermediate or better riders, and some more specialized reiners, cutters, pleasure horses etc. for those who are more advanced.

Starting with a lot of horses, all of which need work, that might not be do-able - especially if your riders are predominantly beginners... like Hook says, no easy answers.
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