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I'm in the GTA....
But it wasn't Gypsy was partly mine and mostly Candy (the haffys)
fault!! Gypsy and I were behind Tish and Candy. Candy is green and really skittish. Well, the wind whipped though the corn (btw we just started riding) and Candy thought that a big, hairy, scarey monster was coming out to get her. Well, she really spooked and Gypsy did to and I should have been paying attention but I was fooling around with my horn bags.....

So, Gypsy spooked (usually if she spooks she freezes this time she did a side step) next thing I know I have no horse under me and I landed on my right forearm. So, I climbed back on and had a great ride!!
Thank goodness you weren't seriously hurt. Glad everything worked out for the best.
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Glad you were not hurt! I know how it is when you are on a horse, and it decides to spook because another horse does!

Glad you are ok Tuffy. Have a talk with Gypsy and explain it is her responsibility to keep you on top. Its ok to spook, but she must always take you with her. [Big Grin]
I have that talk with all my horses. Hopefully they all listened and have taken it to heart.
Sure glad you're okay! Unscheduled dismounts can be inconvenient at best. I agree with Mrs Hook so have a talk with Gypsy. LOL!
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